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Principles of partnership that work

Sub Title :
Category : Presentation
Publish Date : 16 May 2019
In 2013 Sasol activated a formal partnership with the TVETs where the colleges were to offer theoretical training while Sasol as Industry player was to offer practical and workplace experience.

Eastern Quarterly Overview of the Labour Market(2018Q4)

Sub Title :
Category : Statistics and data
Publish Date : 11 Mar 2019
The Eastern Cape Quarterly Overview of the Labour Market is a statistical release compiled by the Eastern Cape Socio Economic Consultative Council (ECSECC). The aim of the publication is to analyse the latest developments in the Eastern Cape labour market. The analysis is extended to include employment and unemployment dynamics for the two metropolitan cities in the province. The data used in the report is drawn from Statistics South Africa’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS). This issue covers the fourth quarter of 2018 (2018Q4).

Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth in South Africa

Sub Title :
Category : Research
Publish Date : 25 Jan 2018
This paper provides a broad overview of the relationship between infrastructure and growth, focusing on the South African case. The paper develops an intuitive theoretical framework in which to analyse this relationship, identifying Öve speciÖc channels through which infrastructure may e§ect growth: as a factor of production, a complement to other factors of production, a stimulus to factor accumulation, a stimulus to aggregate demand and a tool of industrial policy. A framework is developed for evaluating empirical analyses of this relationship, which explores the implications of di§erent deÖnitions and measures of infrastructure and of potential data and estimation challenges. The empirical literature on South Africa is then assessed against this framework.

Remaining basic education in South Africa

Sub Title :
Category : Book
Publish Date : 31 Oct 2017
The book examines the roles of power and politics, governance and management as well as accountability and professionalism in transforming the educational systems inherited in our country. This study traces the efforts to set up an integrated Eastern Cape Department of Education.

Poverty Trends in South Africa 2006-2015: Highlights for the Eastern Cape

Sub Title :
Category : Statistics and data
Publish Date : 22 Aug 2017
The Poverty Trends report present trends in poverty and inequality between 2006 and 2011. It provides a profile of poverty at both a household and individual level. This report also examines the expenditure profile of poor and non-poor households with specific attention given to the differences in food expenditure between these two groups. Stats SA employed an internationally recognised approach – the cost-of-basic-needs approach – to produce three poverty lines, namely the food poverty line (FPL), the lower-bound poverty line (LBPL), and the upper-bound poverty line (UBPL). These lines capture different degrees of poverty and allow the country to measure and monitor poverty at different levels. The report reveals that Limpopo and Eastern Cape have consistently been the two provinces with the highest levels of poverty between 2006 and 2015, while Mpumalanga has been the only province to witness a reduction in the incidence of household poverty across the four data points.

Face It (Issue 1 July 2015)

Sub Title : ECAC Newsletter
Category : Eastern Cape AIDS Council
Publish Date : 01 Sep 2015
This issue's contents include test drive, Stop stigma, Policy breaking ground in Education Sector, Keeping Sex Workers safe, LGBTI friendly clinic

Eastern Cape Department of Safety & Liaison Annual Report

Sub Title :
Category : Plans & Strategies
Publish Date : 31 Aug 2015
The report gives account on its activities for the financial year.

Baseline Study on the FET College Lecturer Skills

Sub Title : the case study of Eastern Cape 2010/11
Category : Reports, Research
Publish Date : 01 Jul 2015
This research report examines the profile of lecturers in the Eastern Cape. Part A describe the background and methodology to the research. Part B documents and comments on the findings of the research of lecturers in both the workplace and teaching. Part C summarises the findings and draws conclusions for developing a system for college lecturer development (or VTE) in the public FET college sector in the Eastern Cape.

Perspective on the Eastern Cape 2014 matric results

Sub Title :
Category : Statistics and data
Publish Date : 30 Apr 2015
This report provides a perspective on the Eastern Cape 2014 matric results.It captures the performance of the 66 935 candidates who wrote the National Senior Certificate after twelve years of schooling. This report presents a statistical overview of the 2014 matric results, explore factors possibly affecting the results and suggests a response to issues affecting education.

Korean Assistance in the Field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Rwanda

Sub Title : implementing an East-Asiane development model?
Category : occasional paper
Publish Date : 02 Apr 2015
As Rwanda aims to implement an 'East Asian model' of economic and social development, it has welcomed the help of Korea to realize its ambitious development plans. The Rwandan government argues that TVET enrolment and quality must be increased and that courses need to meet strategic demand in, for example, ICT. Based on field research and interviews, Dr Nauta will ask why Korea is such an attractive partner for Rwanda? Do the Koreans bring something different to the table compared to other ‘traditional’ donors? Is an East-Asian model of development suitable for African countries and can it really be implemented here?


Sub Title :
Category : Research
Publish Date : 01 Apr 2015
The newsletter speaks about the broad subject of multiligual education and features policy and literacy development as themes. The intention of this newsletter is to spark further discussion and debate on the subject of realising bi/multilingual education. Contents include School Language Policy, Training Teachers, Community Libraries and Reading Clubs.

Perspective on the Eastern Cape 2013 matric results

Sub Title :
Category : Statistics and data
Publish Date : 22 Oct 2014
This report provides a perspective on the Eastern Cape 2013 Matric results. It captures the performance of the 72 138 candidates who wrote the National Senior Certificate after twelve years of schooling. The report draws data from the National Senior Certificate (NSC). To amplify certain results and seek explanation an Annual National Assessment is drawn. The results shows that although the Eastern Cape has improved the Grade 12 pass rate from 50.6 % in 2008 to 64.9% in 2013, its achievement remains the lowest in the country. The report presents a statistical overview of the 2013 Matric results; explore factors possibly affecting the results and suggests a response to issues affecting education.

Developing women leaders

Sub Title : a guide for men and women in organizations
Category : Book
Publish Date : 10 Apr 2014
This book is meant to be a practical, user friendly guide for women and men in organizations. It is designed to appeal to a very broad audience of people in organizations interested in developing the leadership capacities of women. This audience may include women, men, their bosses, Human Resource (HR) executives and professionals, CEOs, their top leadership teams and others seeking to make informed decisions for themselves and their organizations regarding leadership development for women.

Pocket guide to risk mathematics

Sub Title : key concepts every auditor should know
Category : Book
Publish Date : 10 Apr 2014
This book focuses on real needs of auditors. It gives insights without demanding that you spend months doing calculus. This book explains mathematical techniques that lead to systematic understatement of risk so that you can suggest either changes in approach or better disclosure of the limitations of risk numbers.

Doing a literature search

Sub Title : a comprehensive guide for the social sciences
Category : Book
Publish Date : 10 Apr 2014
This guide gives tools and methods to search for literature effectively, using manual and computerized methods in order to identify useful books, articles and statistics and many other sources of information, it will help you to find information necessary to your research.

Designing workplace mentoring programs

Sub Title : an evidence based approach
Category : Book
Publish Date : 10 Apr 2014
This book presents an evidence based best practice approach to the design, development, and operation of formal mentoring problems within organizations. it includes practical tools and resources that organizations can use such as training exercises, sample employee development plans and mentoring contracts.

Transformative HR

Sub Title : how great companies use evidence based change for sustainable advantage
Category : Book
Publish Date : 10 Apr 2014
Transformative HR is at once both strategic and tactical and helps HR leaders and thier colleagues to make decsions that are gorunded in evidence and avoid unintended consequences.

Facilitating with ease

Sub Title :
Category : Book
Publish Date : 10 Apr 2014
Facilitating with easy offers the basic on running productive meetings with confidence and includes the information needed to train others to become skilled facilitators as well. Filled with dozens of exercises, surveys, and checklist that can be used to transform anyone into an effective facilitator, this revised edition covers new topics such as:-why and when leaders should facilitate and how to manage neutrality; Diversity, globalization, new technologies and employee engagement, When leaders should facilitate and when others should do it, Sharing facilitation with others, Meeting design template, surves and questionnaires.

Best practices in leadership development handbook

Sub Title :
Category : Handbook/Manual/Directories
Publish Date : 10 Apr 2014
This book captures some of the most unique and fascinating best-practices out there.The book provides an incredible variety of examples to learn from and shares great perspectives to help you adapt those learnings to your own leadership development effort

Coaching leaders

Sub Title : the 7 \'p\'tools to propel change
Category : Book
Publish Date : 19 Feb 2014
This book involves facilitation of improvement of leadership skills.




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