Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council
ECSECC Annual Report 2019/2020
Published: January 20, 2021
In November 2020, ECSECC tabled its 2019/20 Annual Report to the Provincial Legislature. ECSECC was also proud to report that the Auditor General has found no matters of emphasis during the audit and as suc...  READ MORE
ECSECCs vision and 5-year strategy
Published: January 19, 2021
All organisations must work to remain relevant in a changing world, and as a polic advisory agency, ECSECC is no different. In 2020 ECSECC released its new five-year strategy, with a mission to be a multi-...  READ MORE
ECSECC receives clean audit for the fourth consecutive year
Published: November 23, 2016
ECSECC received an unqualified audit opinion from the Auditor General with no matters of emphasis for the 2015/2016 financial year. The Annual Report is available on the ECSECC website. ECSECC was heralded ...  READ MORE
Are we heading for recession? Highlights of the Eastern Cape...
Published: June 17, 2016
The question on economic analysis lips are “Is the country at risk of slipping into recession?”. Apart from the Western and Eastern Cape, economic growth declined in all provinces. Free State is still locke...  READ MORE
Eastern Cape unemployment drops to 29.1% in second quarter o...
Published: November 19, 2015
The Monthly Review of Inflation is a publication by the Eastern Cape Socio Economic Consultative Council (ECSECC). This provincial analysis is based on inflation data released by Statistics South Africa on ...  READ MORE