The aim of this programme is to shift the economic development path of the Eastern Cape so that poverty is progressively reduced and ECSECC's vision is eventually achieved. The peripheral nature of our economy and its relative under-performance are well understood and need not be re-elaborated here.


The objective of this programme is to strengthen provincial and sub-provincial economic planning and implementation, and sharpen economic policy interventions where there is clear under-performance.

To realise one of ECSECC's strategic objectives we are planning three sub-programmes. These are:

  • Sub-programme 1: Provincial economic development planning
  • Sub-programme 2: Spatial economic development
  • Sub-programme 3: Economic policy intervention


The Economic Governance programme consists of a team of agile individuals who are working in key areas designed to support economic growth and development in the province.

Programme Related Documents 

Personnel in the programme:

Mr Russell Grinker

Development Facilitator

Mr Mike Lewis

Development Economist

Ms Viwe Booi

Programme Secretary

Mr Luvuyo Mosana

Programme Manager





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