The establishment of functional AIDS Councils is one of the targets for the Provincial Strategic plan for HIV, TB &STIs (2012-2016). It has been emphasised over years through various platforms and Council meetings that central a meaningful response to HIV is the coordination of all sectors through Local chapters of the Provincial AIDS Council. However, getting these to be functional and vibrant enough to do the coordination has been a challenge. District and Local Municipalities vary in degrees to which they manage to do some coordination but the challenges surrounding that are more than the enabling factors. The midterm review of the PSP which was carried out in 2014 highlighted that the lack of functionality of the Local AIDS Councils results in uncoordinated programmes. Lack of coordination results in little or no significant impact in minimising the scourge of HIV, also resulting the use of resources becoming less efficient than expected. 

The following challenges as reflected in council reports by sectors and municipalities reveal the following:
  • Most Local Municipalities have no functional structure for HIV/AIDS programmes
  • Challenges cited range from lack of budget to non-participation by some critical stakeholders including government departments
  • Coordination as a function needs to be strengthened especially at Local Municipal level
  • Political support for the programme is questionable
  • Lack of Municipal reporting at Council meetings proves that there are no plans, the only visible activity is coordination of events during HIV calendar days 
  • Working in Silos by sectors results in under reporting at Council meetings and at DAC level
  • There is no uniform reporting mechanisms
This project mainly focus on the capacitation of municipalities in planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation and programme design for the response of HIV and TB. More specifically, the purpose of the project is: 
  • To strengthen the capacity of municipalities both at District and Local level to understand and execute its coordination role
  • To assist municipalities to plan according to the National and Provincial determined frameworks.
  • To  capacitate municipalities to understand their district and local epidemic and develop appropriate programmes to respond 
  • To  assist municipalities to monitor and evaluate their programmes and report as expected to the Municipal Councils and ECAC
  • To  ensure inclusion of HIV,TB &STI in the Municipal IDPs

High Level Milestones for the 2016/17 financial year include: 
  • Aligne all District Strategic HIV Plans to the PSP
  • All districts trained on Know Your Epidemic and Know Your Response  
  • Assist in developing Strategic plans by October 2016
  • Sector plan coordination by December 2016
Project manager: Mrs Nomonde Hlatshaneni




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