The South African Schools Act (1996) states the intention to provide quality education for all learners in public schools. However evidence suggests that the education system is not providing quality education. Drop-outs are high especially in the further education and training band which gives rise to a low throughput rate in the schooling system. High drop-out rates and poor throughput rates give rise to attrition of learners. Understanding the causal factors of school attrition will help shape interventions to retain learners in the school system.

Improved learner retention will enable a significant number of students to have access to a complete basic education. With a larger cohort of students who have a good basic education we can expect a higher demand for students to pursue post-schooling qualifications. More citizens with higher levels of qualifications can lead to higher levels of capabilities of the population to contribute to society. A more capable society is a society that is more likely to be resilient to the social effects of inequality and poverty. 

In the 2016/17 financial year ECSECC will support the Eastern Cape Department of Education to undertake a research project on foundational education attrition rates in the province. The purpose of the project will be to bring insight to the problem of attrition in the schooling system, and based on the findings, advise the relevant implementing agents on the recommendations. These agents primarily include; the ECDoE and the broader schooling community.

The EC HRD council will be a primary forum where leaders in the province will be engaged to support the project as an investigative and developmental process. Other important participants include: ECDoE, social partners in education, teachers, parents, students and NGOs.
Project Manager: Mr Daryl Braam




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