Purpose of the HRD portal

First, to gain the active support of Eastern Cape universities to contribute ideas to the project of Human Resource Development (HRD) in the Eastern Cape and beyond. The essence of this initiative is to establish a meeting point for various strands of thought on the subject of HRD. Practically this means that activists, scholars, civil servants and the public can feed relevant papers into the repository provided here. Research and administrative leaders are encouraged to inform and encourage their colleagues to contribute key texts that they think might have relevance to human resource development. The Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council (ECSECC), as an impartial body, will co-ordinate the strategic and technical functions of this portal.

Second, to initiate primary research that brings particular provincial aspects into sharper focus. Eastern Cape features such as rurality and its relation to economic activity is currently been discussed in the Research and Innovation working group, as one direction for primary research. Research that has reference to dominant economic drivers, for example the oceans economy, is included as the portal shares a range of research and development interests.

Third, to open a space for perspectives on HRD in Africa, and beyond, to be continually uploaded and shared and thereby forge wide- ranging partnerships. The ECSECC welcomes contributions in the form of research papers, opinion pieces and scholarly works. Ultimately, the intention of this portal is to contribute to the building of human capacity as an imperative for societal development, especially in global regions that are most affected by socio-economic hardship.

The following thematic areas are provided as an initial structure to organise the portal:


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