Strategic communication is core to ECSECCs operations and an essential part of being a socio-economic knowledge hub for the province. This project brings together external communications, branding and marketing, ECSECC publications and the staff and stakeholder resource centre

The Strategic Communication and Knowledge Hub project is responsible for ensuring that the necessary systems and platforms are in place for staff and stakeholders to access data and information from ECSECC. The primary platforms are the website and the Resource Centre.

It is the responsibility of the Resource Centre to ensure that staff has access to all necessary journals, publications and specialist databases to carry out high quality work with maximum impact in the Eastern Cape and South Africa. The programme also aims to provide access to government information such as annual and strategic plans, annual reports, Integrated Development Plans and other strategic documents from municipalities. This information is obtained through networks and partnerships with government institutions.

ECSECC issues publications based on the research and practice of ECSECC staff and stakeholders. ECSECC publications are aimed at contributing to public debates on socio-economic development in the Eastern Cape and South Africa. As such ECSECC encourages employees to publish their work in the form of ECSECC publications. ECSECC publications include:

  • ECSECC research reports
  • ECSECC working papers
  • Statistical releases
  • Policy briefs
All these publications can be found in the information centre and on the timeline.




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