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Eastern Cape youth not in education, employment or training

Published - 28 Jan 2021
Dr Kambale Kavese & Andiswa Mbali
This document provides a nuanced appraisal of the young people not in employment, education, or training (NEET) in the Eastern Cape. It uses Statistics South Africa’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) data to describe the composition and characteristics of the Eastern Cape youth NEET aged 15 to 34. The report explores the diversity of youth NEET, covering both youth demographics and youth labour market dynamics. This study goes beyond the homogeneity approach of analysing youth NEET by further disaggregating youth NEET in various sub-categories with the aim to unpack the heterogeneous nature of the NEET youth in the province. It provides a synthetised overview of NEETs profiles for the Eastern Cape. Youth NEET, as a socio-economic indicator, is an essential tool that policymaker can use to better understand the extent of the multifaceted vulnerability of youth residing the province, in terms of their labour market participation and risk of social exclusion .