Publish Date: 11 Feb 2019

This animation of quarterly GDP growth between 2009Q1 and 2018Q2 shows that we are back in recession after nine years.

See the animation here:

Other findings include: 

The South African and Eastern Cape economies are both in technical recession as GDP growth rate remains negative for two consecutive quarters. This is the first technical recession in nine years: since 2009.

 2009Q1 QoQ growth rate was -5.9% (SA) and -2.8% (EC). In 2009Q2 QoQ GDP growth was recorded at -2.8% (SA) and -0.6% (EC), resulting in technical recession.

The national economy recovered in 2010Q1, reaching peak level at 4.8% QoQ growth and EC with 0.6%.

In 2014Q1 both economies experienced negative growth rates for the first time in four years: QoQ growth rate of -1.6% (SA) and -1.0% (EC)

 2018Q2 technical recession:

The negative contributors to national QoQ growth in GDP were; agriculture 29.2% , transport 4.9% and trade 1.9%.

In provincial economy the negative contributors to GDP QoQ growth were; agriculture -5.9%, manufacturing -0.1%, trade -0.7%, transport -1.3% and government services -0.3%.






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