Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council

Demographic Change, Implications & Policy Challenges in O.R. Tambo District Municipality

Published: November 06, 2022

Our latest statistical report takes a deep and practical dive into the demographic change, implications and policy challenges in the O.R. Tambo District Municipality. 

It seeks to achieve four objectives:

(1) to present the current demographic situation of O.R. Tambo and to diagnose demographic issues facing the district;

(2) to analyse demographic changes in the district and to assess their various implications for socio-economic development indicators;

(3) to propose demographic policy priorities for the district that respond to both demographic challenges and demographic transition; and 

(4) to ascertain whether O.R Tambo’s youth bulge will create a demographic dividend?

Findings from the analysis of demographic situation in O.R. Tambo district indicate that the district is still at the pre-to-early stage of demographic dividend, as it lags in key human development indicators and has a higher fertility rate.

You can read the study here:

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