Purpose of the programme 

This programme aims to contribute to the attainment of goals number one and three in the five-year strategy of ECSECC.  The purpose of the programme is the development and implementation of effective and efficient ECSECC management and governance systems and procedures. This programme is responsible for creating and enabling working environoment in the organisation .

The programme also aims to ensure excellent strategy, programme, project and portfolio management across the organisation. This programme is the custodian of the ECSECC service excellence model and seeks to develop tools and procedures for the implementation of the excellence model in strategy and project execution.

In he 2019/20 financial year the organisation will focus on enhancing quality, accountability and drive internal efficiencies through digitising organisational systems and the development and implementation of Standard Operation Procedures and Norms and Standards for the organisation's Programmatic work. The organisation will also establish a monitoring and evaluation system to better track and monitor the impact of ECSECC's work.

The programme is responsible for providing research, information, analysis and knowledge management support to all ECSECC programmes and priority projects.

Operations, Finance, Corporate Services and Knowledge Management Projects

Personnel in the programme:

Ms Siv Helen Hesjedal

Chief Operations Officer

Ms Bulwelwa Lubelwana

GIS Specialist

Ms Andiswa Mbali

Statistical Economist

Ms Nomabhele Mandaba

Knowledge Management Coordinator

Ms Esethu Magwentshu

Knowledge Management Assistant

Sive Kamte

Quality Development Officer

Mr Kambale Kavese

Senior Economist




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