Eastern Cape’s unemployment rate is currently estimated at 28.6% (Q1 2016). It can be noted that from this estimate the youth unemployment rate is estimated at 52% which is substantially higher than amongst adults. The EC’s provincial economy is characterised by fundamental structural weaknesses which inhibit employment growth in the province. 

Despite these challenges the province is well placed to capitalise on several large scale projects arising from the Strategic Infrastructure Projects as part of the National Development Plan.  Significant labour absorption opportunities are expected to arise from the Provincial Infrastructure projects which provide both practical placements, training and gainful employment opportunities.   

The youth however are currently ill placed to take advantage of the employment opportunities projected as they lack the required skills.
Government has made grants available to companies and partners that can assist in meeting National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) targets.  ECSECC has signed an agreement with the UIF to train and mentor at least 100 UIF beneficiaries towards creation of new business ventures.  The project beneficiaries of this New Venture Creation Programme must be assisted to develop the skills and competencies required to establish small businesses or as a minimum access meaningful employment opportunities.

ECSECC is conducting training and mentoring through the use of service providers and through leveraging of infraastructure and economic projects. 

Project Manager: Mr Baphelele Mhlaba 




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