The Eastern Cape AIDS Council is a body tasked with the responsibility of coordinating the HIV/AIDS response of the Eastern Cape Province. The stakeholders the council must coordinate include civil society sectors. A sector is a body constituted by individuals who fit the description of the sector and participate in the affairs of that sector or by people who do work related to that particular sector, including civil society organisations. 
The rationale for the participation of civil society sectors in the council is two pronged: firstly, civil society sectors represent the views and interest of their respective sectors in the council. Secondly, the sectors are there to account for the contribution of their respective sectors in the HIV/AIDS response of the province. The participation of civil society sectors is key to the success of the council because the council has adopted a multi-sector approach to the HIV/AIDS response. 

Currently, the Civil Society sectors in the council are non-functional. ECAC has a partnership with GIZ to make that the situation is improved. The council is having 15 civil society sectors according to its guidelines. In the 2016/17 financial year the ECAC-GIZ partnership will focus on 7 sectors.  
The purpose of the project is to establish and strengthen civil society sectors in the Eastern Cape AIDS council. It is anticipated that functional Civil Society sectors will improve the functionality of the council and therefore strengthen the HIV/AIDS compact in the Eastern Cape. 

Project manager: Lulama Mpahla




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